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BDI, Sanus, Salamander and Critical Mass!

Looking for that perfect compliment to your HDTV and audio/video components? We proudly carry entertainment furniture from BDI and Salamander. Be sure to visit our showroom to experience the superior craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal they bring to any home or office.

More about BDI:

An industry leader in high performance home theater furniture, has released this video outlining the unique features of BDI furniture. Join BDI Customer Relations Manager Dave Jacobs as he walks us through such unique features as BDI’s integrated cable management, hidden wheels, quality construction, and other features that put BDI home theater furniture in a class of its own. BDI is know for collections such as Avion Series II, Novia, Vista and Marina, as well as a line of complementary contemporary home furnishings.

From BDI Furniture “Today’s electronics don’t have to overpower your living space. BDI furniture merges innovative engineering and original design to seamlessly integrate technology into the home. Whether you are considering media or office furniture, you can be sure that we have beautiful solutions that perform as well as they look. Also, don’t overlook BDI’s other solutions for the home including tables, mirrors and our amazing Semblance modular system.”

BDI Entertainment Furniture: Features Demonstration

More About Salamander:

Salamander entertainment furniture products are engineered specifically for sole purpose of housing and protecting your audio visual components. Salamander produces specialized furniture designed to satisfy the functional requirements of professional AV Integrators and AV enthusiasts. This focus has earned Salamander the title of #1 Brand of AV Furniture by CE Pro Magazine.

Salamander Designs: Entertainment Furniture

More About Critical Mass Systems:

With Critical Mass Systems rack systems, vibration passes into acoustically neutral, high-purity uniform metals, including specific certified aluminum, titanium, and tungsten carbide alloys to ensure even energy transfer throughout the rack architecture and transferring vibration into the filter systems so your component can retain the “sound” that was intended.

Constructed from proprietary internal vibration materials, our unique patented Dual-Zone Damping System helps the filters manage vibration so that the signal processed by the electronics and analog devices sounds life-like and real when it the comes out of the loudspeakers. The filters and rack architecture operate together to mitigate vibration in the floor, the rack, the shelf and the component at the same time. The filter system works at its optimal level of performance with both very light and very heavy components without any adjustment to improve the sound of both digital and analog sound.

Critical Mass Systems utilizes the best modern machines and tools combined with precision craftsmanship to produce an amazing product. Our systems allow your component can retain the “sound” that was intended, revealing the inner detail of the music.

Stop by our showroom today to see these organizational masterpieces in their true function!


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