1Words By: Derek Reed Moss

If UltraHD, or 4K as it’s also known, is the next step in the AV industry’s picture quality arms race, then HDR (High Dynamic Range) is the next great leap forward. When last I spoke about UltraHD TVs, I mentioned that a sharper image through more pixels wouldn’t guarantee a significantly better picture due to the fact that a number of factors contribute to picture quality such as color, generating deep blacks, and overall brightness. HDR is the answer for the cutting edge in improving all three of those performance facets.

Much to the benefit of the consumer, an Ultra HD Premium label has been announced to identify what new models are going to feature true HDR capability. At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a trust of industry insiders called the UHD Alliance announced the label in an effort to curb any misuse of the HDR feature as a selling point. Simply put, a TV that meets the contrast ratio (the difference between the peak brightness and deepest blacks a TV can generate) standards of the UHD Alliance will be branded with this proverbial gold star, and those who fall short will not. An Ultra HD Premium labeled TV will provide richer colors, brighter whites, and deeper blacks to ensure the latest and greatest UHD experience and clearly define visual quality this year.

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Notable difference between “Standard Dynamic Range” and “High Dynamic Range”



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