A/V Distribution

Whether you are looking to pump music into your modern city loft or spread control of a full-flight multi-zoned entertainment system among multiple houses, Ask The Advisors about a media distribution solution designed just for you. All of our media servers are designed to maximize your multimedia enjoyment including integration with iTunes, synchronization between multiple homes, and access to your media files from anywhere in the world.

Enjoy audio and video distributed throughout your entire home, giving you a whole new world of entertainment & convenience. Music is presented visually including Album Art for your stored music, station icons for XM, and web logos for streaming radio. A couple of taps on the touchscreen and the perfect music for your dinner party will be playing throughout the house.

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LLUse your iPhone® or iPod Touch® to wirelessly control your media servers. Quickly find your favorite artist, albums, genre, songs, or playlists and deliver music throughout your home. Search and sort your collection using the iPhone’s revolutionary multitouch interface.

With multiple audio outputs from a single server, the application allows family members to listen to different songs and playlists in different rooms of the house simultaneously.

Now you can simplify the way you collect, manage and enjoy your movies and music. Automatically organize your collections, for fast, easy access. Browse your collections using the system’s innovative, intuitive interface. Make a selection. Press PLAY. And then sit back and relax. Movies and music can be instantly delivered to any room in your house, at any time using many diffrent systems including RF and IR (infrared) repeaters.

The system provides video bookmarks that let you jump to the beginning of the movie or to your favorite television episode with no trailers. No ads.

A/V Integration

The integrated amp has been a staple of audio buyers in Europe and Asia for many years, while here in the US we tend to ignore them.  So I ask why that is?

An integrated amp is just what it sounds like; an amplifier and pre-amplifier in 1 box…without a tuner.  No tuner you ask, no…and when was the last time you sat down at home to listen to the radio?

The guys at NAD all but invented this category of gear over 30 years ago and have always made some great sounding models.  Their current integrated amp line runs from about $299.95 to about $5999.95 so there is one for just about any budget; and just about any level of performance you may have in mind.  The thing they all have in common is great sound, usually a smallish in size, and a tradition of great reliability.  The old adage about simpler being better is often true.

So if you are interested in a great sounding audio system and the inclusion of an AM/FM tuner is not important to you…give an integrated amp a thought. Once you have read some of the attached article, come on in and look at and listen to some of the choices…we have several different models on display at all times.

I think you will like the concept, a lot.

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