So what’s the deal with speakers anyway?

We get a lot of questions about speakers here, so just for fun I am going to cover a few of the very common ones, and perhaps dispel a myth or two while I am at it.

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I am sure there are many more myths and questions, but these are the big ones. For all the others call us or come by the shop and we will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you choose the speakers that suit your needs the best.

Myth Number 1:

My friend told me that the teeny tiny little cute cubish speakers he just heard (or worse yet just bought) are just as good as the bigger speakers you sell. I have only 1 question for you, do you really believe this?

Let me start this by saying that if it were possible to build teeny tiny speakers that sounded great; every speaker company would do it. They do not build medium and large and even really – really big speakers just for fun. You see no matter how long you have been in the speaker business, and no matter how many degrees from big sounding schools you have on your wall; you CANNOT change physics. A very small speaker is not actually capable of re-producing some of the fundamental frequencies that are part of the music. It just is not physically possible. So if you ever actually compare the teeny tiny cute speakers next to a regular sized speaker; the teeny tiny one always sounds worse. If for some reason you do not feel that the laws of physics are reason enough to believe me please feel free to test me.

Go buy any cute tiny speaker you like and bring them into our shop. We will very happily set them up side by side with any speaker we sell at a similar price range, and blow you away! Just make sure the teeny tiny speaker salesperson has a real return guarantee so you can get your money back after you hear the difference and buy the better speakers from us.

Myth Number 2:

All decent speakers sound so close that I cannot even tell the difference. We hear this quite a lot, and I have only 1 response, you are very, very wrong. A speaker is probably the most important part of your Audio / Video system. A better speaker is also the best way to get real audible improvements for your dollar in the purchase of an Audio / Video system. Again I invite you to test me.

We have a set up in our showroom where you can very easily hear 3 speakers that all cost exactly the same amount compared side by side, We will also happily help you learn how to listen if you need a little help. But, believe me you will not need any help. So when you are ready to look into some new speakers come on in and we will discuss your needs and play the speakers that best fill them, and you can decide for yourself which ones you like the best.

Myth Number 3:

I need in wall speakers to make my wife/significant other happy and they are all pretty bad so it does not really matter what I get. This is really, really wrong. All of the speaker manufacturers we do business with know that a lot of folks choose in wall or in ceiling speakers because they fit the aesthetic of their room.

These companies B&W, Snell, Velodyne and JL Audio have gone out of their way to develop in wall and in ceiling solutions, including in wall sub woofers that sound great, in many cases just as good as their free-standing cousins. To do this has required some pretty dramatic improvements. Many of the speakers include integrated back boxes, and custom equalization to fit the environment.

So if you need in wall and in ceiling speakers let us know and we can guide you on your quest

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