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Enjoy Wireless Audio in Every Room

Sonos is a smart system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components. It unites your digital music collection in one app that you control from any device. With the Sonos wireless HiFi system, you can fill your home with music from all over the world.

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1. Connect to your network.


2. Control with the Sonos app.



3. Enjoy Your Music.


Sonos – Product Overview

Sonos: Play 1


 The compact, surprisingly powerful wireless speaker with deep, crystal clear HiFi sound. The Play 1 can also be used as  wireless surround sound speakers in a home theater configuration.

Sonos: Play 3

sonos-play-3-wireless-audio Bigger than the PLAY:1, this wireless speaker delivers immersive HiFi sound, deeper bass and serious room-filling power. Great for small areas and bedrooms.

Sonos: Play 5


The largest Sonos wireless speaker, delivering the ultimate all-in-one listening experience with the deepest, richest HiFi sound. The Play 3 is great for large areas and living spaces.

Sonos: Playbar

playbar-mounta-big The HiFi soundbar for TV and music lovers. A great addition to any entertainment area or bedroom that needs an extra punch. Flood any room with PLAYBAR’s epic full-theater HiFi sound and wirelessly stream all the music on earth through one easy-to-use soundbar.

Sonos: Subwoofer

subglossblk-angle-bigAdd soul-shaking bass with SUB. The wireless subwoofer from Sonos lays down thick layers of bottomless, spine-curling bass anchoring the sound and adding depth to everything you see and hear. A must have for any Sonos system.

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