McIntosh: Sound Business

By Derek Reed Moss

You may have wondered why McIntosh products sell at a premium price point. Electronics, generally speaking, is not an industry that lends itself well to hand-crafted pieces that blend engineering and art. The demand for integrated systems can only be filled with a great deal of automation in the production process, churning out units quickly affordably. But, for those who demand the utmost in quality, a company like Macintosh is known to spend upwards of two years developing and fine-tuning some of its product concepts. They also build some of the components that go into their products in-house and by hand, which makes them a top contender in the home audio industry.

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When you buy McIntosh, you pay for the fine detail of the product from inception to production. In addition to hand-built custom circuit boards, the signature blue-lit watt meter and built-in Sentry Monitor fuseless short circuit protect your system from its wattage and voltage current exceeding safe operating levels. The McIntosh Power Guard system adjusts input levels on the fly to reduce “clipping” and curb overdriving. Glass faceplates are cut with an abrasive waterjet using genuine garnet dust to reduce friction. Black faceplates are painted with 12 layers, creating an easily viewable sleek finish.

Each faceplate is inspected by a dedicated McIntosh expert for quality control. All of this comes together to make a virtually custom piece of high quality equipment from McIntosh’s product line. McIntosh has been in business for over 60 years, and 50% of every piece of gear they have ever made is still in use. These artistically inspired units are more of an investment in enduring sound quality than an everyday audio component purchase.

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