Audio Advisors and it’s clients were recently honored with a visit from the founder of Wilson Audio, Dave Wilson. Wilson Audio is an American high-end audio company, located in Utah which manufactures and sells loudspeakers and subwoofers. Wilson Audio is known in the audiophile community as offering some of the most expensive speaker designs in existence. Prior to manufacturing loudspeakers, David Wilson was a staff writer at The Absolute Sound magazine. When Wilson Audio first began offering its products in the early 1980s, the highest priced small “monitor” speaker on the US market was $1,600 per pair; Wilson’s small WATT speaker was introduced at $4,400 per pair. Today (2016), the most inexpensive stereo speaker from Wilson Audio, the bookshelf-sized Duette 2, os offered for about $20,000 US per pair (without stands), while home theater “Watch” center and rear channel speakers cost over $5,500. Their most expensive stereo speakers, the Alexandria X-2 Series 2, sell for $158,000 MSRP per pair and up, depending on finish. According to Stereophile in 2015, the average price of Wilson’s product range is $69,325 per pair, in standard colors and finishing, and not considering potential extras.

Dave and his wife Sheryl Lee Wilson gave some of our clients hours of one-on-one time in the store to answer any questions they may have about this amazing brand. Not only did we have the opportunity to interact with these extremely smart people, we also sat in the hi-end audio room and listened to some of our favorite music on a set of fully tuned Wilson Alexx speakers with their creator. What an amazing experience that was! We can’t thank Dave and Sheryl enough for traveling all the way to Palm Beach County just to spend a few hours with our clients and staff. Be sure to stay up to date with our social media and website blog for more upcoming special events.














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