So you want an amazing outdoor audio and video system to that will impress your friends, please your wife and/or offer yourself a getaway when you just need to get outside and relax? Audio Advisors has been selling and installing outdoor audio components for over 30 years and we guarantee you that we know our stuff.

There are a few things you’ll need to consider when creating a full outdoor speaker system. First, you’ll want enough speakers to cover your entire listening area. The last thing you want is to overpower your system in order to hear it across the yard. Next, you will need an audio source such as a home theater receiver or Sonos unit that is powerful enough to drive all of your outdoor speakers. In many instances, a separate amplifier is required although some receivers can directly power speakers in one or more audio zones. Third, be sure to choose speaker wire that is specifically designed for outdoor use. Typically it will be labeled CL2 or CL3 and printed directly on the speaker wire jacket. This wire uses a durable coating that can withstand the elements in nearly any environment. Additionally, you may need to use wire that is designed to be safely buried in the ground, this wire will be labeled “direct burial”. Finally, think about how you will control the volume of your outdoor system. We offer many solutions from remotes to in-wall controls and we can completely install the system if you request.


Something else you need to look into is sound ordinance laws around the area where you live. There very well may be rules about blasting music even on your own personal property past a certain hour at night. Nothing will ruin your late-night get-together faster than a visit from the local law enforcement.

When it comes to outdoor video monitors, there are many different sizes and styles available. We carry brands of outdoor televisions that are specifically designed to stand up to the conditions that our unpredictable environment can offer. If installed correctly and positioned perfectly, a seamless combination of outdoor audio and video can be a thing of beauty.

The final and most common concern for some audiophiles is the overall cost. Designing an outdoor audio system doesn’t have to drain your bank account, but be realistic about your budget according to what you are trying to achieve. Most consumers will hire an A/V integrator like Ask The Advisors to install everything. But if you’re handy with a drill and have a willing friend or two to give you a hand, installing a system can be a fun weekend project that offers a rewarding result.


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