About Us

Audio Advisors is a showcase for the finest quality electronics existing in harmony today. It all started back in 1982…

One look at our product list tells you Audio Advisors is one of the premier dealers in the country. But it takes a visit to the store to get the full picture, or should we say…sound. We’re really into music! Big bins of LPs are constantly replenished. Rare finds and sealed collectibles like some of the out-of-print MFSL One-Steps are also on hand. This commitment to music is an enormous part of what we do. It’s the whole reason we push the boundaries of high-performance sound systems in the first place- to transform how you experience the soundtrack of your life.

A certified VPI specialist, turntable users from all over Florida come to Audio Advisors for yet another reason- to have their tables (of all brands) set-up and/or upgraded. This is a rare specialty in today’s market, and the combination of top-tier vinyl expertise in both the hardware and software of the hobby always makes any in-person visit worthwhile, even when traveling from a distance.

Audio Advisors is a store (unlike so many…) that offers easy, high value trade-ins, and has an active trade-in room. Everything is a well-organized effort to make sure that customers can acquire the system of their dreams without the barriers other dealers typically erect. The experience and professional drive of our team results in a buying process that is low on the stress meter.

As part of the larger, diverse, The Advisor Companies, Audio Advisors takes its 2-channel focus and combines it with the resources and human capital (over 60 talented employees) not available to the typical corner high-fi shop. Staff receive unprecedented access to continual education classes in our own, in-house, thirty-five-seat training facility. It’s the resources and desire to do things right and stay on top. Think of Audio Advisors as the best of traditional, high-end audio store backed by a modern infrastructure. It’s literally 2 buildings: one with all the dedicated 2-channel audio ear candy and expertise, and one “command center” supporting expertise in electrical & systems integration (Ask The Advisors), mobile electronics (Serious Autosport), as well as resources for design, repairs, and installation.

All the passion. All the music. All the expertise. Audio Advisors lights Florida up with the best the industry has to offer to the client looking for that “I’m home” experience.