What our customers have been saying.

Dear CEO:

We live at Trump Plaza and we extensively used your organization’s services for Lutron shades, Audio/Video systems including hardware, and Internet WAPs in addition to the low-voltage wiring during our gut-renovation of the apartment.

All of your team members, design, service, and installation staff have been punctual, courteous and professional.

But, there is one stand-out person for which we have developed special appreciation and respect. That person is Chuck Vance. Chuck is not only highly knowledgeable, but his dedication to customer needs and work excellence is exceptional. Having been a CEO myself for over 20 years, he is the kind of person that every organization should have as a customer facing lead.

It is because of him that we just completed fourth work order through your organizations. And, it is because of him that I have referred your organization to many other friends here that has led to new business for you.

I don’t normally send such notes, but this is an exception I am making.


Dear Mr. Weinstock,

It is my pleasure to let you know what a talented employee you have in Chris Votino. I’ve never seen any technician as thorough as Chris.

His attention to detail is unheard of in many other companies we have used.

Please consider us for any reference you may need.


Hi Rudi,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but the turntable arrived just before we left to Europe on our biking trip and I only got around to setting it up this weekend, which, except for a few hiccups went well. Once it was set-up the table and cartridge sounded great, more so after a few days when everything broke in. It was amazing to hear some of my old albums on the system as they came alive and several which I had given up on as being worn actually sounded almost as if new. I want to thank you for both the time you spent with me while shopping as well for setting everything up and shipping it so well packaged. Down the line I’ll probably look to upgrade the cartridge and maybe add a tube preamp but for now it’s been a great experience just enjoying the sound of my albums as they were want to be listened to.


Wayne. Your guys did a great job yesterday and were real professionals. They were very helpful with my questions and very respective of the home they were working in. They worked steady all day and never took a break. That really moved the installation along quickly. Thank you for sending those guys.


Thank you, Wayne!

I would like to say that working with Audio Advisors was seamless. From the time that I began our conversation to the final install, I found all of your team wonderful to work with. Your install team was great, notably Simon who also did the tech visit. He worked very hard to get all components in place, even retrieving the Leon soundbar camouflage as it arrived in your shop the same day as the install. Given that one of the tv’s had to go on a wall with a pocket door, my husband and I felt secure that the project would be properly completed and was in good hands. Both Simon and Jason did excellent work and could not have been more efficient. Even to the point of Simon suggesting that I keep a TV box in the off chance that we had any trouble with the TV. I appreciated that. Amanda and Melissa were also extremely helpful and both were familiar with what we were doing when I called.

Finally, thank you for working with me and getting everything ordered and delivered within a very short timeframe. We have an audio consultant here in Boston and when I checked in with them initially to see if they could recommend someone in PB, they told me they could not, but if we found someone who we liked, to let them know for any of their clients who may have a future need.

For sure, I will recommend you, your team and Audio Advisors!

Many thanks,

J.A. (Palm Beach, FL)

Hi Wayne, I just wanted you to know that your team did an amazing job installing our new theater.

Thank you for convincing me to upgrade the theater. My kids and I spent hours watching the AWESOME projector this weekend and may not ever leave the house again.

Thank you again for the incredible theater.


Good morning Rudi

Enjoyed our musical times together again yesterday. You have no idea, (or maybe you do) how much it means to meet like minded musical enthusiasts. Having been in the music business for over 30 years it’s rarer than you might think. And your passion and knowledge for it is unparalleled. Your buddy Steve (pretty sure that was his name?) was super cool too! I look forward to more times spent with you at your stellar shop. What is now my favorite music store ever!

And thank you for you guidance and counsel on my speaker set up I moved them 18 inches out from the wall and they do in fact sound bigger and better than ever before! I am eternally grateful.

Hope you have great rest of the week.



I want to take this time to thank you and Ask the Advisors for a job well done at our new home in Mirasol. It started with the required prewiring being performed while our new home was under construction last summer.

In February of this year your crew moved our existing equipment from our old house in Wellington to the new home in Mirasol. Additionally, they also expertly installed 3 large screen televisions with sound bars, hooked up SONOS audio player on our phones and I-pads, installed the speakers in the ceiling of the great room. They also installed surface mount ceiling speakers and a TV out on the patio and installed a complete WIFI network for full house coverage.

I want to make a special mention of Jeremy Lewis and John Webb. They were both professionally courteous, respectful of our home, and did a great job.

Chuck, we really appreciate your attention to detail and the outstanding quality of the work that was done on our home. We enjoy the system on a daily basis and can’t thank you enough for a job well done.

Thank you.


Hi Rudi,

I’m sure this email will not come as a surprise, lol.

I got home yesterday and had the turntable setup by 7pm. When I dropped the needle on that first record, I was taken aback as to how awesome it sounded. My jaw is a little sore from it being open so long and hitting the floor. I had to force myself to go to bed at midnight as I had to work today.

Thank you again for taking the time to work with me and guide me on this journey (twice!). I didn’t realize what I was missing. I’m now hearing things I never heard in albums I’ve owned for over 30 years!

I should see you guys on the 9th!

Thank You,