NAD Celebrates 50-year Anniversary New C 3050 LE Stereophonic Amplifier

The C 3050 LE is a limited-edition release.

Created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of NAD’s founding in 1972, the C 3050 LE Stereophonic Amplifier pays homage to the NAD 3030, a 1970s classic. Retro design elements include a satin walnut case, dual VU meters, push-button controls, and NAD’s original cursive-style branding. Behind its vintage exterior is a 21st-century powerhouse featuring a HybridDigital UcD amplifier rated at 100 watts per channel, a high-performance Texas Instruments PCM5242 differential DAC, abundant connectivity options, and advanced capabilities such as BluOS high-res multiroom music streaming and Dirac Live room correction.

For half a century, the NAD brand has been synonymous with exceptional performance, leading-edge innovation, outstanding value, and simplicity of operation. The C 3050 LE is true to that tradition. Employing NAD’s proven HybridDigital UcD amplifier technology, the C 3050 LE can deliver 100W per channel of continuous power and 135W per channel of instantaneous power, for effortless reproduction of musical transients. Noise and distortion are virtually unmeasurable through the entire audioband. The result is neutral, distortion-free sound, even at high listening levels, with exquisite detail, superb portrayal of space, and thrilling dynamics.

The digital section is built around Texas Instruments’ PCM5242 high-resolution differential DAC, a design noted for its excellent dynamic performance and very high tolerance to clock jitter. This premium DAC enables the C 3050 LE to reproduce all your digital sources with amazing musicality, stunning clarity, and holographic imaging.

Homage to It's Past

The C 3050 LE takes its design cues from NAD’s classic 3030 stereophonic amplifier. Clad in an open-grained walnut sleeve, the C 3050 LE integrated amplifier has a dark grey front panel with the original New Acoustic Dimension logo in its 1970s cursive typeface, dual VU meters, and push-button controls for source selection. On the back of each unit is an individually numbered plaque bearing the amplifier’s production number. NAD’s C 3050 LE Stereophonic Amplifier celebrates the past while embracing the future. Its 1970s design recalls the components that helped a generation of music-lovers discover the joys of great audio. Its advanced engineering provides capabilities that no audiophile could have dreamt of a half-century ago.

Future Friendly

The C 3050 LE incorporates the latest generation of NAD’s Modular Design Construction future-proofing technology. With MDC2, owners can add new features and functions by inserting an MDC2 module into a slot at the back of the component. MDC2 is an all-new design that allows two-way communications between the expansion module and host component. The C 3050 LE comes with NAD’s MDC2 BluOS-D module pre-installed. The MDC2 BluOS-D adds two leading-edge capabilities to the C 3050 LE: Dirac Live room correction and BluOS high-resolution multi-room music streaming.

Reading The Room

The weakest link in most sound systems is the listening environment. Using a calibrated microphone and an app running on a mobile device or personal computer a calibrated microphone, Dirac Live plays test tones through your loudspeakers, analyzes room acoustics, then generates correction filters to compensate for problems like standing waves and unwanted reflections. The results are transformational. With Dirac Live enabled, you’ll enjoy tighter bass, vastly improved clarity and tonal accuracy, and more precise imaging. Thanks to MDC2’s two-way communications, Dirac Live works on all sources connected to the C 3050 LE.

A World of Music

The MDC2 BluOS-D module inside the C 3050 LE integrated amplifier gives you access nearly all the music ever recorded through BluOS, the world’s most advanced multi-room music management system. The MDC2 BluOS-D connects to your home Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet network. Using the intuitive BluOS app, you can cue up music from more than 20 popular streaming services, including several that offer lossless and high-resolution audio, including Amazon Music Ultra HD, Deezer, Qobuz, and Tidal. You can access thousands of internet radio stations through BluOS or play music from your own digital music library. Like all BluOS-enabled products, the C 3050 LE supports high-res audio to 24-bit/192kHz. And it has MQA decoding with rendering capability, for studio-quality playback from Tidal. The MDC2 BluOS-D supports Apple AirPlay 2, so you can stream audio to the C 3050 LE from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Also supported are Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect. You can select music in the apps for those services, then easily transfer playback to the C 3050 LE. You can even control playback by voice using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri. An IR remote control is also included.

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